Facebook Reviews: What are they, what are they for, and how do I place them?

Facebook may not be as viral as TikTok or Instagram, but surprisingly, almost everyone has an account on it. The point is in the global popularity of Facebook and the image of “a social network for adults and rich people.” However, getting real USA reviews on Facebook is the basis for advertising products on the Internet.

A while ago since Facebook gives fans the chance to comment on our company on the social network. How? Through the reviews. Those stars you see under the name of the pages are the result of your followers’ scores. Today we are going to talk about the importance of reviews, how to leave a review, and how to activate/deactivate them.

If we activate the recommendations on our page, anyone who logs into Facebook will be able to post a recommendation on it, view its rating and consult the recommendations shared publicly. To see the recommendations on our page, click on Recommendations or Opinions in the left column.

If we deactivate the recommendations, this function will be disabled, and the qualification and recommendations of our page will be eliminated. To take into account: we can denounce a recommendation to eliminate it if it does not comply with the Facebook Community Rules or does not focus on the product or service offered by the company.

To activate your page recommendations:

1) Click on Settings at the top of the page.

2) Click on Templates and tabs in the left column.

3) Scroll down and click on Add a tab.

4) Click on Add tab next to Recommendations or Opinions, and that’s it!

To deactivate your page recommendations:

1) Click on Settings at the top of the page.

2) Click on Templates and tabs in the left column.

3) Click on Settings next to Recommendations or Opinions.

4) Click to select Disable.

5) Click on Save.

What information do these stars give us?

An average of all the ratings of our followers. If you click on the stars, you can see all the reviews your page received.

Why are reviews important?

As you know, the image of your company today is largely in the hands of your consumers. Why not give them the chance to rate your performance? Today, a large part of the population seeks references in the digital world. While this may be a double-edged sword, it is an option that you should consider carefully and take time to follow up. Each review must be reviewed. Each positive score increases the public’s confidence with your business.

Color data for community managers: Recently, the social media platform updated this tool and, now, administrators can respond to reviews on the pages they manage. (Something that community managers needed to break unilateral communication)

How do I leave a review?

  1. Look in the left column for a box that says “Opinions”
  2. Click on “Write a review” and remember to rate the place with five stars

Benefits of 5-star Facebook reviews:

  • Increase user activity. As the page appears in the recommendations section, people are interested, visit and perform some type of activity. They can be reposts, followers, visits and comments.
  • Increase your rating among advertisers. After Facebook reviews to buy, you no longer need to search for an advertising platform. Less popular bloggers will get in touch with themselves.
  • Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to train their target audience and adjust the business model for it. It is much easier to launch a product for the needs of a clear and well-defined social group. This type of demand is much easier to meet.

The Facebook audience consists, on average, of people much older than Instagram. This is how it is almost everywhere. Popular pages belong to representatives of large companies, journalists of popular publications or representatives of high society. The Facebook image is a social network for “refined” snobs. When creating a blog, you should consider this moment and use it or take a different approach against these stereotypes.

How To Buy 5-Star Facebook Reviews

We offer Facebook reviews to buy. Not everyone needs a high review. For some modest users, 1 star is enough because this is not a negative rating. A negative rating is the lack of stars.

Select a service, provide a link to a Facebook page and indicate the number of reviews. When you buy a service, it is completed for one day. The speed of the service reaches 5 thousand reviews per day, which in any case is faster than the promotion on the Internet meaningless and ruthless when asking for reposts. It is up to you to determine the feasibility and the number of reviews purchased. We will patiently fulfil your wish while competently avoiding Facebook algorithms. Your page will definitely not be banned. It is very difficult to work badly with our experience, no matter how much we try. That is why our quality standards are very high.…